Mechanical Engineering
Through our design experience in various sectors, we can offer our clients design services and technical expertise to bring your ideas to reality. Designs are tailored in close co-operation with the client and the latest codes, standards and specifications will be used. Coming up with new ideas, transform them in workable and efficient designs, and to manufacture the product - that's our strength. Besides our standard design software, FEA is mainly used and CFD analysis is performed where necessary, to achieve optimum solutions.

Custom designs are done which are of a fine tolerance nature to ready and rough sub-sea mining heads. To ensure a design that works the first time, concurrent-engineering principals are used to generate a design effectively that meets the requirements of our clients. Designs at MechTechniek (Pty) Ltd are always done by competent B.Eng. engineers in a professional and efficient manner. The ability to provide a total solution is a particular forte of the MechTechniek team.

MechTechniek (Pty) Ltd can offer the following in-house design experiences:
  • Static Equipment
  • Pressure vessel and piping design to ASME SECTIONS / PVHO-1-1997 / DIN 13256 / ANSI B31.3 and B16.3 / PD5500 / TEMA
  • Tanks, silo and storage vessels to API 620 and 650 / DIN 1055
  • Portable gas containers to DIN 477 / BS 5045
  • Cranes and lifting structures to BS 2573 Part 1&2
  • Commercial diving and marine systems to DNV / IMCA / Lloyds / ABS

    Other fields of knowledge are:
  • Packages
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Pneumatic conveying systems
  • Temporary and fixed Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) furnaces
  • Materials handling
  • Dynamic Systems
  • Systems Handling systems for custom containers
  • Product and prototype development
  • 'Man-riding' equipment and systems
  • Materials engineering i.e. pressure bearing polymers, ceramics and glass

    Design and 2D & 3D Drawing Software is used to ensure competitive priced designs with as short as possible turn-around time.

    High quality concept and detail engineering drawings are generated as a design output in our normal `Released for Manufacture' status. Contract design and drawing work is also done as per client requirement.