Machine tool clamp (Small project)
3D Assembly of clamp application Clamp Hydraulic interface Clamp adjustable wedge interface FEA of clamp main frame.
A high force clamp (37.5-ton) was designed to assist in dismantling / assembly of steel making machines for a shutdown. The clamp had to install and extract steel wedges, holding the machine steel structure together, in a consistent manner. Our SOW was for the design and delivery of the clamp. (Steel Industry)

Gantry crane door (Medium project)
FEA of side structure Door lattice structure  top view Mechanical side structure assembly. Top view. FEA of door to side structure interface.
The requirement was for a door to let an overhead gantry crane out of the building. The 10-ton door dimensions had a span of 27m, height of 3m and a width of 2m. Major design challenges were to ensure an optimum weight to stiffness ratio. Vertical door movement (2.7m) was made possible by custom FEA designed mechanical support structures / interfaces with Polymer slide bearings. Our SOW was for the design and fabrication / installation support of the complete door system. Synchronized hydraulic cylinders, positioned by high accuracy linear transducers, were used for vertical movement of the door. Custom hydraulic controls and power pack was also required to deal with the harsh marine / coastal environment. (Marine / Military Sector)

Hydraulic Actuator Test Bench (Large project)
FEA of test bench structure. Test hydraulics and actuator interface. Actuator mounting interface.
A static test bench was required to test emergency steam shut-off valve actuators, for a Nuclear Power Station, after refurbishment to ensure integrity. The 2.7-ton actuators with very high dynamic shutdown forces, had to be tested as used in the plant and skid controlled hydraulic simulation hardware was used with PLC interfaces. Our SOW was the EPC for the mechanical works including site commissioning and testing / hand-over. Total project duration was 18 months from conceptual design to hand-over. (Energy Sector)